National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. As an adoptive parent, I wanted to take this opportunity briefly share my heart on this subject.

Adoption is very personal for me. Without the miracle of adoption, I would not be a mom today. So here is my heart…..

  1. To the couple who suffers from infertility, explained or unexplained, and wonders if they will ever be able to grow their family. I cry with you.
  2. To the couple who seeks to adopt, but the paperwork and the cost make it seem impossible. I know what you face.
  3. To the woman who is pregnant or has delivered and is standing in the valley of decision. I cannot imagine how you must feel. I pray that you make the decision that is best for both you and for your child in your UNIQUE situation. No matter if you choose adoption or to parent. 
  4. To the new adoptive parents who wonder how they will navigate this life in the best interest of their new child. I share your uncertainty.
  5. To all parties in the adoption triad. Love each other, Support each other, Listen to each other and Respect each other. 
  6. To the parents who adopted through the foster system and wonder how to help their child grow up not being able to know their first family. I pray with you for wisdom.
  7. To the countless family members and friends who support an adoptive parent, adoptee or first parent. Just be there. Provide support and a shoulder to cry on when needed. Live life with them. 

And now to speak to my own story. 

  1. To my husband. We walked through all of this together. I love you and I love our family.
  2. To our son. We love you and are so honored to be your parents. 
  3. To our son’s first family. We love you and are glad that we get to know who you are and that he will know who you are.
  4. To our parents. We love you and know that you were walking through this along with us. You taught us how to be parents. Thank you.
  5. To the countless friends who encouraged us and even helped us raise funds. Thank you. We love you all as our extended family. 

To my readers. Thank you for following our journey. This month pray for all of those who are a part of the adoption process. Pray that no one is pressured or taken advantage of. Pray that only the best decisions are made. Pray that relationships are made instead of broken. Pray that every party is given access to the resources they need to deal with their part of this journey. 

Happy November!

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