Welcome to My World!

Hi! I am Kellie G. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Just a little about me. I am a work at home mom in Colorado who has 2 jobs. My first job is part time admin work for a vocal studio and my second job is Worship Pastor at the same church where my husband of 10 years is Associate/Family Ministries Pastor. I am Mama to one son named Landon who is the light of my life. Needless to say, we stay pretty busy!

I originally started this blog as a place to share my story. It is a story of infertility struggles, a cancer diagnosis, adoption, and the never-ending kindness of God. As time has gone on, this has become a place for me to share all parts of my world. From my faith to fashion to recipes to my health journey to you name it.

I am so honored that you would take the time peak into this window to my little world. I can’t wait to share all sorts of fun stuff with you!

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