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Life happened and I know I am sooooo late posting this week! I beg your forgiveness and will forever bow at your feet if you forgive me…. You will?! Great! Let’s get on with this post!

Ok. So at the end of 2014 I tried something called The Whole 30. I have to say, I was quite impressed. In 30 days I lost 14 pounds. I didn’t starve myself- I didn’t become a “gym rat”- I didn’t take diet pills. I simply ate healthy, whole, non-inflammatory foods. I felt better, looked better, slept better and discovered some food sensitivities. It was pretty remarkable. Not long after that my health issues started so The Whole 30 lifestyle fell by the wayside. Now that I am a year out from surgery and my  digestive system had mostly recovered from the complications I experienced, I am ready to take the plunge once more.

Next Tuesday, Sept 9 I will be starting a new lifestyle using The Whole 30 as a guideline. After the major health scare I had, I really want to be kinder to my body and be able to keep up with those beautiful babies we plan to adopt. This plan is very strict if followed “by the book”.  For 30 days you are not allowed any grains, dairy, legumes, sugar or processed foods. AND absolutely NO cheating or you have to start all over. Since this time of year gets very busy for us with lots of events to attend, I won’t be doing a true Whole 30 since I will be incorporating cheat days. However I plan to do a strict Whole 30 after the first of the year. I must say that I am not especially looking forward to the first few days. The first time I did this, I would have killed someone to get a cheese quesadilla…. I was not a happy camper, but by the end it was TOTALLY worth it!

So, ALL of this being said, I want to take you all on this journey with me! I will be giving updates on my progress. I’ll also be sharing things I learn and maybe a few recipes along the way. I will be weighing myself in on the 9th and then plan to not weigh myself again until October 9, which happens to be my birthday!!!!!! What better gift could I give myself than the gift of good health and a smaller waist?! I hope you all will follow my progress and maybe even be inspired to make some changes of your own. Please comment if you have tips, words of encouragement or questions.

FYI you can learn more about The Whole 30 at


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