I’m back and I Have News!

Sorry, I have been absent on the blog for a bit…. I got some nasty crud and had to take some time to rest. I hope you all have been well.

Last weekend I posted this picture with the promise of further explanation.


So…… the announcement is…….. I am re-launching Kellie G. Designs starting with the “chosen” line! The first product for my new line is a coffee mug with the word “chosen”. The proceeds for this line will go specifically towards financing our adoption! The word chosen is significant to me because that is so beautifully sums up adoption. I may not be able to conceive a child of my blood but I can choose to adopt a child who needs us to love and raise them. Our future child will know that he or she was chosen and fiercely fought for….That not only were they chosen by us but also by their Heavenly Father. And really, can’t we all identify with that word? All of us who are in Christ are chosen and adopted into His family! We were all orphaned by sin but now God offers us relationship through His Son. All who want it can be part of the family of God.

Cup designs

There’s another part that I am especially excited about! 10% of the profit from these mugs will be donated to Show Hope.

Show Hope is an organization who, among other things, aids families in adoption both domestically and internationally. I’m am so excited to be able to, not only finance our adoption but also to contribute to an organization who will in turn make it possible for others to make their own adoptions happen! To learn more about Show Hope visit showhope.org

I am so excited about this new chapter. I believe that God is making a way for me to be able to not only help finance our adoption but also to be able to help better support our growing family. I am looking forward to this great adventure that God is taking us on through our family life, ministry and now business!

For now, if you order directly from me the mugs will be $7 + $4 for shipping. I will be posting more details soon on how to order and they will be showing up in my Etsy shop soon.. In the mean time if you are interested just post a comment on the blog or on the “I Am Kellie G” Facebook page. Also, please be aware that these mugs are hand painted so it will take time to produce. However, I will get them out as quickly as possible. You can also talk to me about custom orders!

Until next time……….


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