4 Affordable Beauty Finds

Finding affordable beauty products that I like triggers my happy dance. I love that more quality products are becoming accessible to those with smaller budgets.

  1. Mary Kay- Extra Emollient Night Cream- $15 – This is a multi-purpose product. I’ve personally used it on my chapped hands and my dry feet as well as on my eczema patches. It works wonders and a little goes a long way. I’ve had this same tube for about a year and I still have product left! You can’t beat the value. https://www.marykay.com/en-us/products/all/mary-kay-extra-emollient-night-cream-10040
  2. Essence Cosmetics- Lash Princess False Lash Mascara- $4.99 – This Mascara does exactly what it’s name says! It lengthens the lashes for that “falsie” effect. What I love about it though is that there are no clumps! I have used other mascaras that did make my lashes look thicker and longer, but I always had to fight with clumping. I also have to be pretty careful with mascaras because of eye sensitivity. This formula has not irritated my eyes at all. While this formula is not waterproof, it did pass the cry test. The first time I wore it was an emotional day and I thought I was going to look like a sad little raccoon, but this stuff held up beautifully. https://amzn.to/2WUDWv2
  3. Mary Kay- Satin Lips Shea Butter Balm- $12 – This lip balm is super moisturizing and can turn out chapped lips in one application. I love that it’s not sticky on my lips. https://www.marykay.com/en-us/products/makeup/lips/lip-balm/satin-lips-shea-butter-balm-99020702
  4. Essence Cosmetics- Eyeliner Pen Waterproof- $2.99 – I’ve been using this eyeliner for years. It is truly the best I’ve found. I have trouble with eyeliner staying on, even waterproof formulas. This is the only one that stays on my eyes and at $2.99 you really can’t beat the value! https://essencemakeup.com/collections/eyes/products/eyeliner-pen-waterproof

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