April 2016

Sorry, I have been absent on the blog for a bit…. I got some nasty crud and had to take some time to rest. I hope you all have been well.

Last weekend I posted this picture with the promise of further explanation.


So…… the announcement is…….. I am re-launching Kellie G. Designs starting with the “chosen” line! The first product for my new line is a coffee mug with the word “chosen”. The proceeds for this line will go specifically towards financing our adoption! The word chosen is significant to me because that is so beautifully sums up adoption. I may not be able to conceive a child of my blood but I can choose to adopt a child who needs us to love and raise them. Our future child will know that he or she was chosen and fiercely fought for….That not only were they chosen by us but also by their Heavenly Father. And really, can’t we all identify with that word? All of us who are in Christ are chosen and adopted into His family! We were all orphaned by sin but now God offers us relationship through His Son. All who want it can be part of the family of God.

Cup designs

There’s another part that I am especially excited about! 10% of the profit from these mugs will be donated to Show Hope.

Show Hope is an organization who, among other things, aids families in adoption both domestically and internationally. I’m am so excited to be able to, not only finance our adoption but also to contribute to an organization who will in turn make it possible for others to make their own adoptions happen! To learn more about Show Hope visit showhope.org

I am so excited about this new chapter. I believe that God is making a way for me to be able to not only help finance our adoption but also to be able to help better support our growing family. I am looking forward to this great adventure that God is taking us on through our family life, ministry and now business!

For now, if you order directly from me the mugs will be $7 + $4 for shipping. I will be posting more details soon on how to order and they will be showing up in my Etsy shop soon.. In the mean time if you are interested just post a comment on the blog or on the “I Am Kellie G” Facebook page. Also, please be aware that these mugs are hand painted so it will take time to produce. However, I will get them out as quickly as possible. You can also talk to me about custom orders!

Until next time……….


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This time last week I was caught up in the middle of “Snowpocolypse 2016”. My husband, youth group, youth leaders and myself were on our way to Fine arts/Youth Convention at Copper Mountain in Colorado. We take a group every year and were all so excited. Well….the weather had other plans for us……

We were in the last 30 to 40 miles of our trip when we hit this….

Traffic was at a stand still. We thought we would be stuck for a bit and then let through… Two hours later we weren’t feeling quite as positive. We found out that we would have to turn back but traffic was still not moving so that we could do that! We were all going stir crazy, and everyone needed a bathroom, of course. The kids, my hubby and a male leader were in the church van with all of the kids. A female youth leader and myself were in her SUV behind them with some of the food…… Boredom was setting in. Suddenly, one of our boys jumps out of the van and into a small snowdrift on the side of the interstate, from our car we start gathering snow and throwing it at the back of the church van, more kids jump out of the van and started a snowball fight with someone in a truck back behind us. People were starting to stare…. We weren’t fazed by this….. We were taking some seriously frozen lemons and making lemonade!

Sherry and I got in on the fun by making some snapchat videos from our car.


We did not make it to Copper Mountain that day, but on the way back we did get to stop at BeauJo’s for some mountain pie.


All in all, things did not go as planned but we were so proud of those teenagers and their attitude. It was a total bonding experience that I would not trade for a weekend in the mountains.


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Yes, I am alive and cancer free. Praise God! I’ve talked about my heartbreak, my fears, my loss……. But now, on the other side of my heartbreak, God is working in my life. He is so good and now I know that He definitely sees around the corner.

Let’s back track to a moment in my story that I didn’t cover before.

I was in the shower one morning before I had met with the oncologist for the first time….. During quiet moments like these the head games were attacking relentlessly.

I remember just starting to cry. I started to pray. I told God that I did not understand what was happening or why. I told him I was scared. Then I said words that I never thought I would be able to say. “God, I trust you with my life, and I trust you to give us a family in the way that You see fit.” This control freak had finally learned to let go.

Everyone’s life is a story. Some stories are just beginning, some are halfway written, and others are nearing the conclusion…… And then there are those whose stories are kind of being re-written. A long time ago I had written a story for myself but God has shown me time and again that what I wrote may not always be so. Sometimes life just deals you an unfair hand. I had no motivation write anymore, but God picked up the pen and started re-writing those chapters that were now just fiction.

I look back and see that God has been preparing me for this moment for so long. Why have I always been so stubborn? Why did I have such a problem letting go and trusting God with my future? Well, I don’t really know why, but I do know I will never again question God’s faithfulness. Looking back, I see that God had been preparing my heart for years……..


Since I was a teenager I had always wanted to adopt as well as have my own children. My heart broke for children who had no one to love them and raise them in a stable home. I knew that if I ever had the opportunity, I wanted to adopt. I even think back to when I was first married and the major earthquake in Haiti had just happened, so many stories of the countless children who had been orphaned by this catastrophic event. I remember telling my husband that I so wanted to adopt a Haitian child. My heart would ache every time I saw a news story. Of course, at the time he thought I was a little crazy and we laughed about it, but that seed that had been planted when I was so young was growing.

About 2 years or so before my diagnosis and surgery, a representative from Convoy of Hope had come to our church to speak to us about how our giving to Convoy of Hope touched so many lives….. Then he started to talk about orphaned children. He told a story about a baby who had been abandoned in a public toilet, miraculously survived and had been adopted by a living family. He spoke about how God loves those children who cannot be raised by their birthparents and need Godly couples to step up and parent such children. I cried the whole time. I felt like God was speaking to me about adoption but I did not tell anyone. I second-guessed myself thinking it was just my desperation to have a child that was surfacing. Looking back I know that God was really whispering to me.

And now here we are. We have just begun our adoption journey and are so excited for this new chapter! We are grateful for your continued prayers and support.

We are praying for our future child and his or her birth mother and father. We have taken our first required classes and now we are moving into fundraising mode.

Adoption is expensive and not for the faint of heart. There’s LOTS of paperwork and phases that we will go through as well. I was a little worried when we first decided to start the process. I kept wondering when I was going to be disappointed, but at every step so far God has just confirmed that this is for us and I have become more and more encouraged instead of discouraged. We are trusting that God will provide and help bring our little one home. After all, He is faithful.

At this point my blogging will become more diverse in subject matter, but don’t worry…… I will continue to write about this journey to adoption as well. Again, I cannot thank you all enough for your support!

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