Happy Easter!

It’s Easter! And what an Easter indeed! I’ve heard so many people say that it doesn’t feel like Easter this year….. That the excitement of the season is lost this year. Heck, I’ve even thought this myself! As I sat down to write this post I just started to think about the reasons why I shouldn’t feel this way. The fact that I can’t be in a church building does not change the TRUTH. 

The TRUTH is… God sent His one and only Son to Earth.

The TRUTH is… He was born of a virgin. He lived and grew in this same world that we call home. 

The TRUTH is… He experienced EVERY human emotion, including love, joy and even fear. 

The TRUTH is… He experienced the ultimate level of uncertainty.

The TRUTH is… He was despised, rejected and wrongly accused.

The TRUTH is… He was beaten and bruised. 

The TRUTH is… He was spat upon and humiliated.

The TRUTH is… He was crucified alongside criminals.

The TRUTH is… He suffered.

The TRUTH is… He experienced what it feels like to be separated from God. 

The TRUTH is… He did die. His blood was spilled. 

The TRUTH is… He was buried. 

The TRUTH is… After 3 days….. HE ROSE AGAIN!

The TRUTH is… He’s ALIVE!

Let’s remember why we celebrate Easter. It’s because of Hope and Victory.  Our hope is not found in an Easter Egg hunt or a Ham dinner with our family. Our Victory is not sealed within the 4 walls of our places of worship. Our Hope and our Victory is found in Jesus Christ! Just like the old song says… Because He lives, I can face tomorrow!

This means that because of HIM- I can face the uncertainty that is our reality at this point in time. He has me in the palm of His hand. Even though I can’t see what’s coming, He does! 

No matter what comes God has not forgotten me and He has not forgotten you. So, even though we don’t get to assemble as we are accustomed to, we can still celebrate. Easter is not canceled! We are WAY too late for that…… HE IS RISEN….. FOREVER!!!!!!

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